HEEDGrowing through Gamification

HEED LLC, an IOT start-up disrupting sports, needed to increase it’s user base, and looked to With Pulp for strategies and designs.

As gamification has proven to be an effective way to grow user bases by companies such as Dropbox, LinkedIn and WWE, Husam delivered an extension to HEED mobile that encourages user participation.

HEED would issue video challenges, hosted by leading sports influencers, and users would compete to replicate challenges as close as possible. This was entitled “Measure Up”.

HEED’s algorithm would automatically score each user submission, and users could also vote for their favorites.

Two winners would be selected for each challenge, and prizes ranged from season passes, meeting favorite team and cash.

The biggest design challenge was to extend the existing HEED experience to include the Measure Up experience. Multiple CTAs were embedded within the HEED experience to drive to Measure Up, while alleviating the need to add additional weight to the navigation paradigms.

Select user flows and wireframes included here.

UX Strategy, UX Design
January – March 2018
iOS, Android