Covenant HouseRaising Awareness about Homelessness

Covenant House offers housing and support services to homeless youth across 6 countries and 31 cities. Since opening their doors in 1972, they have saved more than 1 million homeless, runaway and trafficked boys and girls.

Covenant House looked to re-design their website so it would better reflect their mission and garner more support from visitors.

I centered the design around two key strategies:

  • Educate visitors about the issues
  • Make it very accessible to support Covenant House

Child homelessness and sex trafficking are heart breaking problems that we are facing right here in the US. Educating visitors of the prevalence of these issues was a key content imperative.

I let this content surface to the foreground through the use of a reader-friendly color palette. Dialing back on iconography and graphics supported this as well, since the photos were able to surface forward naturally.

Hero images pushed the sincerity of the brand and cause forward.

Donate buttons were treated with high visual affordance.

Donation forms were designed mobile-first. Only necessary fields were included. Large background images and supporting text complemented each donation form.

Select visuals of completed work included.

UI Design, UX Consultant
July – Ongoing