Chicago UniversityEncouraging Tomorrow's Leaders

Harris School of Public Policy – Chicago University’s Policy School – trains future generations to make positive impact. To quote them:

“Fearless thinkers from all sectors, ideologies, and backgrounds come here to investigate the world’s most complex challenges—and determine how policy can address them.”

Harris hoped to increase enrollment through a brand refresh and through content marketing.

Harris looked to With Pulp to:

  1. Re-design their Drupal website based on a new look-and-feel
  2. Create a flexible design system to allow administrators to write/edit content

Design began through a content inventory that established all the unique content types that will be used across the site. This included:

  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Courses
  • Degrees
  • Faculty Profiles
  • Faculty Spotlight
  • Featured Alumini
  • Recommended content
  • Next up

User research suggested that new students were excited to start school, and were very passionate about what having a public policy degree would allow them to achieve.

Large text and visuals were distributed across the design to carry this sentiment forward.

Enrollment CTAs were given high visual affordance, and designed as a re-usable component administered by authors.

Select visuals included.

UI Design, UX Consultant
01/2018 – 08/2018