KonquerCompeting with the Best

Konquer is a global sports equipment and apparel company that is shaking up snowboarding in China.

Konquer tasked With Pulp to design a new e-commerce website for it’s fresh line of snowboards and skis.

First thing we did: Request a few snowboards.

It is our belief that with e-commerce websites, the product should drive the design of the site. This inside-out approach allows the products to sell themselves, while the website supports that process.

The illustrations on the Konquer boards really capture the eye. And technically, the boards were loaded with pro snowboarding capabilities.

Audience-wise, China’s mobile usage far exceeds the US. This was a clear indicator to design the website mobile-first

These findings paved the way for the core design strategy of the website:

Clean mobile-first interface that puts the focus on the products

The homepage was designed to drive users directly into the product offerings. After 2 rounds of user testing, we arrived at a clean grid concept

Product pages were branded to complement the board’s color palette. A lot of detail was given to the product specs, with custom icons created to tell the benefits

Check-out was divided into a series of steps with a progress bar

Select visuals included in this case study

UX design, UI design