WWEDesign System and Usability Enhancements

WWE is one of the leading sports entertainment organizations globally. The WWE Network is a 24x7 streaming service that lets WWE fans watch past and present WWE shows and pay-per-views from any device.

I worked with WWE to elevate the user experience of the WWE Network and unify the experience across 8 devices: Web, Mobile, iPad, TV OS, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox

User researcher, Information Architect, User Interface Design, Prototyper
iOS, Android, Tablet, Web, TVOS, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation
Product Management, Graphic Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development

Across every device, the WWE Network experience was different. To create a more cohesive experience, I distilled the Network down to it’s core components. Then I developed a component map that defined the relationships between every component, and a matrix that detailed component constraints by device. This paved the way for a unified experience that was easy to use across devices.

Navigating, sorting and filtering became more elegant and easy-to-use. Playback evolved into a place to discover and jump to related content. An added benefit was that internally the team had a vocabulary we could use to discuss future product improvements.

A driving goal for the re-design was to more closely model the WWE fan experience. Through user research and heuristic evaluations, I designed several new features that are now central to the WWE Network:

  • Postplay so fans could continue to watch their favorite shows
  • Superstars so fans discover content that features their favorite WWE wrestlers
  • Milestones so users can discover their favorite matches
  • Match types so users can discover their favorite kinds of matches
  • Playlists so users can create and share watch lists.

In parallel to the re-design of the Network, I helped improve the existing Network experience. Across Web, Mobile, Apple TV, Roku, Playstation, Xbox and more, I audited the user experience and interface of the Network to identify opportunities to improve usability and accessibility and to add more delight. This resulted in:

  • An enhanced onboarding experience
  • A Chromecast integration. Improved navigation
  • A more user-friendly unsubscribe flow
  • Deep-linking so users could jump directly into live or new programs
  • Improved Network landing page using gradual engagement
  • Visual design enhancements that retained the WWE personality but made the experience more accessible.