WWEEnhancing the WWE Experience

WWE is one of the leading sports entertainment organizations globally.

With Pulp provided design services that iterated on the existing WWE product portfolio. This included Mobile, Tablet, Web, TVOS, Roku, Xbox, PS. Some of the features shipped include:

WWE Network Sign Up Form
The WWE Network is a subscription-based video platform that has millions of users worldwide. The sign-up form suffered from poor desktop-first design and an antiquated look-and-feel. We re-designed mobile-first and complemented the feel with .com

Single-Sign On
To make accessing WWE.com and shop.wwe.com easy for users, due to user complaints

Paywall Removal
Users could not demo the WWE Network as it was blocked by registration and payment forms (“Paywall”). We took the paywall down across all platforms, allowing users to navigate through the entire WWE Network experience. The Paywall re-emerged at playback. This increased WWE Network conversions by 20%

To allow auto play back of WWE Network video content across the full WWE portfolio

Deep Linking within Mobile and Tablet
As sharing was used very often, deep linking emerged as a very effective way for users to engage with content.

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UX design
iOS, Android, Tablet, Web, TVOS, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation