WWEWatching WWE Anywhere

WWE allows users to watch their programming across Mobile, Tablet, Web, TVOS, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation.

This is wonderful for fans as no matter which platform they had, they were able to watch their favorite superstars.

But when I saw the different experiences across the platforms, I speculated that many users faced issues in switching platforms.


Through user interviews and usability testing, I uncovered the top frustrations for users of multiple platforms to be:

  1. Switching from one platform to another required a lot of learning. There was a lack of continuity across the interfaces
  2. Usability was compromised at a platform level as well. Platform standards were not being considered
  3. Interfaces were antiquated


My initial strategy was to create a design taxonomy that can serve as the lowest common denominator for all the platforms. Platforms would first pull from this system, and wherever there were official platform recommendations (ie: iOS device guidelines), those standards will sit on top of this design taxonomy.

Through a second set of user interviews, and diary studies, we narrowed down the key tasks that users use the applications for. These served as the key building blocks for the system “objects”.

Each object contained data values, metadata and the actions associated with it.

From here, we did a thorough analysis of the each platform’s guidelines. We wanted to leverage the guidelines and build on top of them where we could.

This way, the inherent complexity of each platform would be reduced.

These two investigations paved the way for design of the Mobile, Tablet, TVOS, Roku, PS and Xbox apps.

Select wires included in this case study.

UX design, UI design
08/2016 – 02/2017
iOS, Android, Tablet, Web, TVOS, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox