WWERefreshing an Iconic Brand

WWE is one of the leading sports entertainment organizations globally.

WWE Mobile is a pivotal channel for the WWE Portfolio. As the app was outdated, WWE turned to Husam to refresh the user interface.

This project laid the visual groundwork for the redesign of the entire WWE portfolio including the WWE Network (Mobile, TVOS, Xbox, PS).

As WWE.com recently launched, a core strategy was to retain the WWE.com visual.

The challenge was to create an exciting video-centered experience, while still retaining the legibility-focused visual of Web.

The color palette and typography acted as the connective tissue. A focus on a dark, theatrical Mobile experience differentiated the two experiences in a contextual and user-friendly way.

Throughout the design process, UX improvements were made to enhance the usability of the app. These included:

  • Primary navigation information architecture
  • Channel navigation
  • Playback controls

Select visuals included here.

UI Designer, UX consultant
iOS, Android